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Motor boat rental from a charter company with its own fleet.
Premium class vessels with licensed captains.

Prepare for unforgettable adventures with the Moremann Charter company.
Motorboat rental in Vienna is the ideal choice for a family holiday, corporate event, romantic weekend, photo session or party.

We offer you not only first-class service and Saccessible prices for our yachts, but also a complete selection of additional services.

Why you should choose our company:

Our lovely Vienna from a new angle.

Included in the rental price is the route planning, with the opportunity to select places of interest: sightseeing, visiting restaurants and picturesque corners of Vienna, Lower Austria (Wachau) and Bratislava. Give yourself and your loved ones an exciting and memorable adventure.

With Moremann Charter you can enjoy a view of the capital from the deck of a premium-class yacht. All this is available at a very affordable price (from 50 Euros per person).

Celebrate your special events on a yacht

An elegant yacht wedding is perfect for a small group of guests. Our premium yachts are ideal for romantic photo sessions, proposals, birthdays, jubilees, stag and hen parties. If you are renting a banquet hall in one of the restaurants on the banks of the Danube, you can impress your guests with a spectacular arrival at the pier on our elegant and luxurious yacht.

Celebrate your birthday or anniversary in a refined and private way on one of our yachts. The expanse of water offers privacy from strangers, as only you and your guests, as well as a member of professional service staff, will be on board. A special highlight of such a celebration is the great freedom of movement. The yacht can easily stop in almost any place you like, can sail in the waters of Vienna, as well as in Wachau and Bratislava. A buffet can be organized right on board, or you can make a stop for light snacks. After you have had enough of sailing and taking photos, the yacht can dock at the pre-booked banquet hall.

Event organization: Teambuilding and corporate events

Team building is one of the most popular types of events for motivation and promoting cooperation within companies. If you hold this event in the summer, the fresh air is an opportunity to improve your health with physical activity and positive emotions. The success of the entire trip depends on the well-coordinated work of the team. On land, the success of the company depends on the effective work of all members of the team.

Corporate holidays (team building) on ​​yachts can take many different shapes. We can organize trips for your organization’s employees or take guests of a party for a ride on your company’s special day. Believe us – it will be unforgettable for everybody.


On board there is everything necessary for your comfort: comfortable seats for up to 7 people, a toilet, a cooler for drinks and alcohol, as well as a set of plates, cutlery and glassware.  By contacting Moremann Charter, you get a turnkey yacht charter.


Yacht rental is good in itself as a way to have a great time, but if the necessary “spices” are added to this luxury, then every minute on board turns into a celebration of life. And we will create this celebration for you!

Professional guide

Invite a professional guide along with you and learn more about the city and its surroundings from a different perspective – from the water. You will learn many interesting facts about the history of Vienna, the bridges, locks and the involvement of the Blue Danube in the development of our beloved capital. We are happy to organize boat trips for you in Vienna, Wachau or Bratislava.


The freshest oysters and mouth-watering lobsters, exquisite tenderloin that can be complemented by unique wines from the wineries and cellars of Austria and Europe, while ripe fruits and delicious desserts will add a final touch to the menu.

Meals on the yacht must be five-star, consistent with the surroundings. Although…. For connoisseurs of asceticism, we can also easily find the right menu. From you – only wishes, from us – actions.

We always offer drinks and alcohol from the menu on our boats, but you can always leave a special request, which we will do our best to fulfill.

River spa

The main point of relaxation on a yacht is the mix of sun, water and a warm open deck with teak flooring, where you can relax and sunbathe.

The Danube has a very strong current, active movement of freight and sightseeing transport, and so it is not safe to swim in the central part of the river. But we can organize an unforgettable voyage along the Danube with stops in cozy coves and harbors suitable for swimming.

Photoshoot on a yacht

A photoshoot against the backdrop of beautiful yachts – and unforgettable moments of your life will appear in your personal photo album. We will invite the best photographers to make your photo session on the yacht flawless.

To make the event even more memorable – we offer yacht decoration – a service that is almost always in demand. Fresh flower garlands, large balloon figures, or themed decorations for any celebration – our event planners will create a real masterpiece that will complement the beautiful yacht.


Vienna and its surroundings

With each trip, we will discuss the optimal route that will suit you. We do not have strict itineraries in Vienna, but we can recommend the best one for you. Popular ones are:

Two-hour trip along the main channel of the Danube. We will meet you at the pier in the 19th district of Vienna and go upstream, along the vineyards of Kahlenberg, along the banks of the Klosterneuburg. Then we will have a look at an Austrian warship, and soon after that reach the ancient Greifenstein castle. On the way back downstream, we can fly with the wind at speeds of up to 80 km/h, we will reach the Danube Marina along the skyscrapers of the City and the Danube Island. For a group of 7 people, the cost of this trip starts at only 80 euros per person.


Three-hour trip along the central canal of Vienna. We will meet you in the 19th district of Vienna at the pier and we will go through the Nussdorf lock to the central canal of Vienna, where we will slowly travel along the Hundertwasser masterpiece, the embankments of the 20th and 2nd districts of Vienna. You can enjoy the views of the center of Vienna and Schwedenplatz on board our magnificent yachts with a glass of sparkling wine in a hand. We will reach the 3rd district, make a U-turn and go through the center again, towards the lock. Upon exiting the lock, if time permits, we will make a small trip along the Kahlenberg mountain. For a group of 7 people, the cost of this trip starts at only 120 euros per person.

Bratislava and Slovakia

We offer you individual tours to Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia. A round trip to Bratislava and back takes from 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the starting point in Vienna, as well as the lock timetable. When starting from Schwedenplatz (direct route without a lock), we can reach the center of Bratislava in just 50 minutes. The way back takes 10-15 minutes longer (due to the current). On the way you can admire the scenery of the Danube, and upon approach to Bratislava, on the rising hills, you will see the ruins of the ancient castle of Devin, where you can stop and learn about its history. Bratislava is breathtaking from the water. The old 10th century castle – Bratislava Castle – is the dominant feature of the city, although the modern architecture of the city will also not leave anyone indifferent. Bratislava offers guests of the city fascinating historical sites, wonderful restaurants with local cuisine and excellent nightclubs and bars.

Popular routes:

Journey to Bratislava and back to Vienna including a stop in the city for 2-3 hours, for a total trip duration of 5-6 hours. Offered at a fixed price. For a group of 7 people, the cost of this trip starts at only 120 euros per person.


Evening trip to Bratislava. As the sun goes down, Bratislava’s nightlife is just starting to wake. Enjoy a stunning sunset on the way to Bratislava, the music and alcohol of your choice – and prepare yourself for a great night at the best clubs in the city. In the morning we will take you back to Vienna. For a group of 7 people, the cost of this trip starts at only 70 euros per person (one direction).

Wachau and Lower Austria

The Danube and Wachau are inseparable. The river is essential to the unique microclimate of the Wachau Valley, which in turn allows the best varieties of grapes and apricots, for which the region is so famous, to ripen. Go on a trip through the valley and feel the value and significance it has in the history of all of Europe, enjoying the incredible colors of nature and the ruins of ancient castles.

Experience the incredible flavors and hospitality of Wachau at the many heurigers and restaurants in the valley. Melk, Dürnstein, Krems – in each city you will find unique history and architecture. We are ready to create an individual one-day or multi-day itinerary. We can stop in cozy bays suitable for swimming or race at full speed under the mighty hills of the vineyard-covered valley.

Popular routes:

Day trip from Wachau to Vienna. We start our trip in Melk. We will organize a transfer for you to the starting point in a comfortable Mercedes Vito. We calmly sail along the Danube for about 2 hours, surrounded by breathtaking views of the valley. We take photos, and drink delicious local wine. At Spitz we can stop for lunch at a heuriger or pick another location of your choice. Further along, Dürnstein and Krems (the capital of apricots) await us. After enjoying the history, nature and flavors of Wachau, we will go to Vienna. On the way, we will encounter two locks, the city of Tulln and several cozy restaurants where we can stop at will. The total duration of the trip is about 8-9 hours and depends on your wishes along the way. For a group of 7 people, the cost of the trip starts at 350 euros per person. You will remember this day forever!


Short trip through Wachau. We regularly organize Wachau days. You can book one of the 2.5-hour time slots, during which we will travel through the valley from Melk, to Krems, and back. We will organize a round-trip transfer for you in a comfortable Mercedes Vito. Experience the beauty of Wachau in comfort and on a budget. For a group of 7 people, the cost of the trip per person starts at 150 euros.

Moremann Charter is happy to offer you customized tours, tailored only to your wishes. For example, we can take you on a wonderful trip to Budapest, which is about 6 hours away along the Blue Danube.

    Would you like to visit the lakes of Austria with personalized service on one of our premium yachts? Set us the task and we will try to fulfill it on the most favorable terms for you.


Yacht Model

E26 Classic

E30 Endurance

1 Hour

360 Euro/h

420 Euro/h

Up to 2 Hours

340 Euro/h

400 Euro/h

From 2 to 5 Hours

300 Euro/h

360 Euro/h

Over 6 Hours

260 Euro/h

320 Euro/h


You can book any time from one hour, in increments of 30 minutes.

Prices include yacht rental with skipper, fuel, and welcome drinks, VAT.